“ If I hadn’t started writing, I would have become a garbage collector.”

Lynn Ruth Miller

At age 83, Lynn Ruth Miller is a renaissance woman who wears many hats. She entertains audiences of all ages with comedy and song. She is living proof that the older you are, the more fun you have.

At age 67, Lynn Ruth re-invented herself when she published her first book, STARVING HEARTS, an autobiographical novel about her struggle with bulimia and an overwhelming mother. She became a speaker who inspired others with eating disorders to believe that they can help themselves just as she did. The book has now sold 6,200 copies. She followed it with a series of THOUGHTS books, compilations of essays written as columns for her local newspaper, The Pacifica Tribune.

“Lynn Ruth Miller mines her diverse friendships and experiences to create parables with a humorous edge. Turning hardship into triumph is the principal theme; it’s the story of her life.”

Her writing has been published in more than 100 outlets nationwide and she has read passages from her books all over the US and abroad. Sprinkling humor with a touch of nostalgia, her works focus on topics that touch us all: the changing role of women, all-too-common eating disorders, growing old and the general idiosyncrasies of today’s society.

Her books are must-haves for anyone in life who takes life just a little too seriously.

Lynn Ruth is the host on two television programs on public access television, Channel 26 in Pacifica: “What’s Hot Between The Covers” (book reviews and interviews in the arts) and “Paint With Lynn” (a hands on creative arts series)

She has compiled her favorite THOUGHTS essays into a CD: Thoughts And More Thoughts.

She began stand up comedy when she turned 70 and has been featured in venues throughout the bay area. She produced and starred in her show WEAPONS OF LAUGH DESTRUCTION with 6 rotating comedians at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2005 and has been invited back to do comedy and art productions for 2006.

She is currently presenting her one-woman show, FAREWELL TO THE TOOTH FAIRY, a 90-minute staged production of essay from her books throughout the country that featured at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival at C Venues in Edinburgh, Scotland

She followed it with two more storytelling shows, ALL ABOUT ME & ANOTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR. She presented these shows in Edinburgh, Brighton and at the Fresno Rogue Festival on a yearly basis

Published Works:

  • Starving Hearts, published in 2000.
  • (An autobiographical novel written from the unique perspective of a 70-year-old woman, about how inner strength can help a person successfully overcame struggles with anorexia and bulimia)


  • Thoughts While Walking The Dog, published in January 2001
  • (A second selection of Lynn Ruth’s best columns written over the past several years for The Pacifica Tribune)
  • More Thoughts While Walking The Dog, published in June, 2003
  • (A second selection of Lynn Ruth’s best columns written over the past several years for The Pacifica Tribune)
  • Thoughts And More Thoughts, released in July, 2003
  • (An audio CD collection of Lynn Ruth’s most humorous and inspiring works)


  • The Late Bloomer, published January, 2006.

(The story of Fanny Goldstein, a 50-year-old virgin who doesn’t want to die wondering what she has missed.)


In the midst of thousands of no’s and millions of “call me later’s”, Lynn Ruth Miller has managed to win honorable mention in the Ursus Press Short Story Awards for a little gem called THE NEWCOMER, (MAY, 1985), first prize in the Southwest Writers Mystery Short Story contest for THE EMBEZZLER (APRIL, 1989), Ninth place for her STARVING HEARTS (then titled The Struggle) in May, 1989, honorable mention for one of her now famous dog story, FLEAS in the Edna Ferber Awards (February, 1990). She has been awarded honorable mentions for two still unpublished novels in National Writers Club contests in 1990 & 91 and has twice been an Associate Fellow at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach FLA, (January, 1991&99.) She won third prize in the 2003 E-Penguin short story contest for THE ATTACK, and her short stories are included in four Cup of Comfort anthologies and in three anthologies of The Rocking Chair Reader published by Adams Publications as well as the Christmas Anthology. She is published regularly in a variety of on-line newsletters, Coastside Magazine and U. S. Legacies Magazine .

At 71, she launched a new career coupling stand up comedy with cabaret singing in a show called AGING IS AMAZING. When she is not doing storytelling events, walking her dogs or knitting chemo-caps for cancer victims, she tutors aspiring writers and performs wherever there is a microphone and a stage. She has certainly taken the Bay Area by surprise if not by storm. She has become the symbol of achievement to all who know her. “If I can make MY dreams come true, anyone can,” says Lynn Ruth Miller.

Let us hope she is right.