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Edinburgh Fringe Festival is Here


The Kasbah Room, Espionage

Edinburgh EH1 2 EX

August 5- August 30, 2010 @ 6:30 pm-7:30 pm


A delicious Festival bon-bon:  LYNN RUTH MILLER returns to treat festival-goers to her unique brand of comedy gone bad continuing the tradition of her 2005 San Francisco Comedy show, WEAPONS OF LAUGH DESTRUCTION in 2007 and numerous comedy shows in 2008.  In 2009 she hosted CABARET GONE WILD at The counting House and sang her heart out in AGING IS AMAZING REDUX.  Treat yourself to comedy at its worst with a touch of song guaranteed to destroy to your digestion.  This frolicking 77 year old rapper has been named THE WORLD’S OLDEST COUGAR and she is on the prowl.  Her show is horrifying proof that even though your body parts drop to your ankles, they still can move with enough zest raise an eyebrow….but nothing else.

Lynn Ruth Miller had been remodeling facts since she emerged 77 years ago in Toledo, Ohio, the armpit of the US Midwest.  Once she began presenting her prevarications to an audience larger than her three dogs, she met with amazing success.  She hit the headlines in Edinburgh in August 2005, when she jumped out of a cake (almost) and removed her clothes (not quite) on every stage that would have her.  Her fame spread when she threw her underwear at the audience at the Carleton Hotel that same year.    In 2006, she became a legend: a show stealer and scene blocker who wrapped eager fans in spandex and reminded her audience that life can be a helluva lot of fun with or without a hip.   In 2008, she taught the world that the older you are, the better you get.  She is back with her off-key comedy extolling the senile set and proving that you aren’t dead if you can still breathe.

Indulge your funny bone with jokes that make you want to cry with a few raps and a song.  She will encourage you to grow old in a rib-tickling hour at The Kasbah Room at Espionage.

“Ms Miller is like Joan Rivers without the swearing. Brash and unashamed, she’s doing the kind of jokes your gran wishes she was brave enough to do.
Three Weeks,Edinburgh 2006

“Lynn Ruth Miller doesn’t hold back. If you’ve ever looked ahead and wondered what’s it going to be like, you’re about to get all your questions answered. Lynn Ruth will have you bent in half with her brutally honest observations. Fresh, revealing, and with brilliant comedic timing, Lynn Ruth Miller will entertain you in a well rounded show.”

Ty McKenzie,Producer of Chick Wit

August 5-30, 2010, nightly

6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Information: www.lynnruthmiller.com

UK 0790 6688 560;Before August 3: 650 355 4296


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