9-13 February 2015
St. James Studio: 1pm
Friday12 noon (13th)

Directed by Nick Brice & Amanda Bailey
Cast:  Amanda Bailey, Ben Galpin, Cassandra Hodges, Helena Doughty, Simon Kingsley

I cannot think of a more delightful way to spend a lunch hour than at The St. James Studio enjoying 4 fast-paced, comedic ten-minute plays.  Each vignette casts a new light on the pre-conceived notions and codes of conduct we all take for granted, and each plot makes you ponder your own hang-ups even as you laugh at the antics on stage.

HITCHED by Lindsay William blasts the misconception of The Wedding Night as Ben Galpin tries to release his bride (Helene Doughty) from the confines of her wedding dress for the main event; INSEX by Jeffrey Neuman makes us ponder about what humans expect from sexual union and wonder if the bees don’t do it better; THE INTERPRETER by Jonathan Kaufman is the masterpiece of this quartet of performances:  Amanda Bailey tries desperately to translate an angry  American diplomat’s verbal clashing with an insulted Eastern European dignitary and the result is comedy chaos; and the piece de la resistance has to be this enthusiastic cast trying to re-create PRIDE & PREJUDICE in ten minutes amid a flurry of costume changes, stage directions and wild confusion.

Take a welcome break from your weekday routines to refresh your sense of humor with these delightful dramatic offerings.  You will not regret it.